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Many of you are planning a vacation with family and friends, a romantic getaway, or a day trip. Perhaps you are a summer resident. Regardless of how long you stay with us, you will see from this travel guide that we have planned an experience that will create memories that last a lifetime. If you haven’t visited Seaside Heights lately, there’s a lot you’ve missed!
The Seaside Heights Boardwalk & Beach continue to take center stage among the finest of the Jersey Shore’s vacation destinations. Our “World Famous” boardwalk is a classic American attraction. Every step along the Boardwalk Promenade offers something unique – arcades, games of chance, simple eats like pizza and candy apples, culinary fare like steak and seafood, and, of course, amusement rides on the family-owned Casino Pier. A walk down the Boardwalk Promenade evokes our rich classic boardwalk history while delivering panoramas that are iconic and awe-inspiring.
The Seaside Heights Beach is a relaxing stretch of sugar white sand with plenty of room for your beach chair and umbrella. Arrive early in the morning and observe one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent shows as the sun rises slowly from the horizon. The beach is perfect for scavengers searching for shells, sea glass, drift wood and other natural treasures. And for your safety we provide daily lifeguard coverage between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. So, bring your sunscreen and towel and enjoy the best beach at the Jersey Shore!
If you prefer a less bustling place to stake your beach umbrella the mood at Sunset Beach located at the north bayfront may be what you’re looking for. Sunset Beach offers a shallow swimming beach for young children, food concession, public restrooms, and a nautical themed playground. You can watch from your chair as captains navigate their recreational boats through the channel in the Seaside Heights Harbor. If you bring binoculars you may be able to spot egrets and herons on the sedge island just across the bay. And parking is free!
As the day winds down I encourage you to experience the sunset from the baywalk at Sunset Beach. As the sun begins its daily dip behind the sedge island the western sky is often painted in cherry-lemon and sangria colors. Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the view. It can be stunning!
Whether you are discovering Seaside Heights for the first time or rediscovering our boardwalk and beaches, dig your toes into the sand and let the breeze move its fingers through your hair. I am confident that you will find our version of beach life suits you!
Mayor Anthony Vaz

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