Goober’s 52 Original

So who exactly is Goober? You might ask. Well…Goober is a culinary connoisseur, he was born where food is an art and great taste is appreciated. From his childhood he watched and learned, and sought to sharpen his skills and as he grew in knowledge his ability to prepare incredible food soared. Not satisfied with simply delivering great food Goober sought to find the truly extraordinary. In his quest Goober braved the most treacherous terrain, he courageously ran with the bulls in Pamplona, and stood atop the highest peaks in Asia…He has trekked thru heat and sun across the Sub-Saharan and swam the stormy depths of the seas…

Goober is a world traveler, a trailblazer and a culinary adventurer. He has spanned the globe, and captured the sights, sounds, and tastes of the finest dining experiences the world has to offer. He has perfected those recipes to bring their flavors back here to Goober’s for you.

Goobers is an eclectic, amazing dining experience like no other. It’s more than an incredible place to eat it’s a scrapbook of sights, sounds, and flavors that your soul and taste buds will always remember. Goobers is childhood nostalgia, and joyous vacations. It’s life’s greatest moments and crazy fun memories. Goober’s is that spot on the boardwalk where you ate as a kid, or that special little diner where you met, fell in love and talked ’til they closed. Goober’s is life’s greatest experiences told through food, music and atmosphere.
It’s here that Goober’s becomes so much more than one man’s quest.

When you arrive outside you’re first greeted with that amazing smell, your mouth waters, you can almost taste the flavors floating in the air. Involuntarily your toe starts to tap as the music slips thru the open door and embraces your ears.
What is this crazy place? You ask. Well… Goobers is a place like no other. It’s a crazy, unique home away from home that brings out a side in you that you didn’t know that you’ve been missing. All at once you smile, you laugh and your stomach growls loudly… Suddenly your everyday world is spinning and your mind is racing with possibilities…Oh my…what will I try… those sweet, savory flavors of N’ Orleans or maybe your eye is caught by something a little South of Philly…from the Caribbean to the Big Apple and from every delicious locale in between it seems that Goober has brought all the right flavors back here just for you.

So kick back and take it all in, enjoy being immersed in a place that’s fun, original and refreshingly unique. Grab your fork, hold on tight and get your palate ready for a truly amazing dining experience and at the end of the day when all is done you’ll never ever forget what it was like when for a fleeting moment you defied average, run of the mill food and you set your own course to the extraordinary. Throwing caution into the wind and lifting your fork high, you became the adventurer…Yep that’s right… you became Goober.

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