On the evening of September 27th, 2019 we are planning our second annual ‘Art Gallery Night’ at Santeria. Last year we initiated an annual event that would highlight local artists from a wide variety of ages, disciplines, and backgrounds. The event was well received from our loyal customers, friends, and other guests. On a night at the end of the season we had 10 local artists showcased and about 150 guests in attendance.

This year we plan to build on our first event adding a charity partner, Feeling Swell. The foundation’s goal is to destigmatize mental health and increase the availability of mental health resources. Feeling Swell believes accomplishing these goals begins with inspiring each individual. Money fundraised will directly support the Feeling Swell Foundation (501c3) and its multiple mental health campaigns and beneficiaries, which are listed on the next page. 

We have been given the opportunity to scale the event beyond our space to street end in front of Santeria to allow for more local families and friends to enjoy the wonderful event and atmosphere it creates. We have local artists Pat Whelan (Shore Shot) and Eric Wald (EWald) providing live music and hosting the event.   

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